About us
Bespoke furniture

We started Peter Rogan Woodworking in 1985 after working on reproduction furniture and in modern fibreglass,previously studying 3D design at Art College in Newcastle and Brighton.

We now run a small but very capable team, from experienced cabinet-makers to qualified plumbers and electricians. We can do for you as much or as little of your project as you want. We can just provide a kit for you to fit, or we can design, build, fit and finish the whole job. Just as you like.

We use mainly oak and ash, and buy most of our timber from here in Sussex, although we did use some stunningly beautiful Scottish elm for a project. The kitchen cabinets are framed in birch plywood. Birch is a tough, creamy coloured fast-growing hardwood with a close grain. It's very sustainable and makes lovely clean cabinets.

We try to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible. For example, our offcuts are recycled as firewood and our shavings are used as horse bedding. Polishing is carried out in the workshop next-door and we even have a 'works bike' for picking up milk and biscuits, or fittings from around our industrial estate.

Quality is the most important thing. You'll find our doors hanging on the best solid brass hinges that are just a little larger and stronger than you might expect. The doors are just that little bit thicker too, and the drawers are all dovetailed together. The metalwork is the best we can find, and if we can't find it, we can have it made for you.

Our furniture lasts for a long,long time. Recently we have done ten year services, and in one case a twenty year service on jobs we had almost forgotten about. Usually this involves a little adjustment of catches, maybe a new sink and tap, and a change of worktop material. It might involve a repair where the dog has chewed a corner or where a candle burned too long. It's all part of the service; we want you to keep using something we have invested a lot of time and thought in.