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Bespoke furniture

We have been designing and making kitchens for 25 years now, in and around Lewes.  As someone who really enjoys cooking, I make sure that even though these are some of the nicest kitchens you'll ever see, they are also some of the easiest to use.

What is the style of a Peter Rogan Kitchen? You may well ask, but there is no real answer. They are all kitchens that work, that is true. They always look good, and you should expect that. But what really sets them apart, is your kitchen will fit your home. There is nearly always some feature of your house that can provide the inspiration for something truly unique.

Of course there is no standard size. Some pictured here are a bit taller, a bit deeper, or a bit narrower than you would usually have to settle for. They might have special drawers or pull out sections. The polish might be a bit darker, or we might have found some timber with some stunning grain. Just talk to us and find out what really can be done especially for you.

This cottage has oak doors to each room with iron hinges, so that was the inspiration for the kitchen. The 'bead and butt' dado panelling is an extension of the cabinetwork and links into the next room 

The extension on the back of this Georgian house had little character compared to the main house. The panel detail was found in the main house and provided a link with the new kitchen.

There were a few Art Deco elements in this house, but the client wanted clean lines and the the grain of the solid oak.   So we came up with this elegant solution with the generously curved doors and the frames continuing to the floor. 

An Edwardian house really needed something special in a kitchen sculpted from three odd shaped rooms. This is one of the most used kitchens we have ever done. It just works so well.                                                                                                                                     

A sumptuous kitchen in an impressive town house in Brighton.